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Through programs and initiatives such as EFA and AGEI, significant strides have been made to increase the availability and quality of education for girls.
After the PCR product was subjected to 1.1% agarose gel electrophoresis and purified using a plasmid extraction kit (Qiagen, The Netherlands), it was inserted into the pGC FU vector (Shanghai Genechem Co., Ltd.) at the AgeI site.
Restriction sites introduced to forward and reverse primers for amplifying [V.sub.L] are chosen based on restriction sites of pFUSE2ss-CLIg-hk in the 5' to 3' direction, including EcoRI, AgeI, BstEII, NcoI, and BsiWI.
The Iowa Alliance for Cooperative Business Development (IACBD) and the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative (AgEI) have developed an experience-based learning program for Iowa State University students, giving them the opportunity to work with Iowa's rural cooperatives.
He said: "At Newcastle, I was not really involved in the first-team squad that often and at my ageI want to start playing regular football.
Filiado a: Associazione Geografi Italiani (AGEI); Societa Geografica Italiana,;
o|rkoi~ loipo;n agei te pepoiqamen: ajll j meq j o|rkon zhtein esti; qeou;~ dwdeka kainoteirou-.
You can wear them whatever your ageI think they suit all ages as long as you have a good pair of pins and they are not too short.
[36] Umar, A., "Information Security and Auditing in the Digital Agei, NGE Solutions, May 2003, Revised August 2004.
La planification de l'AIPT est coordonnee avec d'autres initiatives internationales relatives a la terre de 2007 a 2009, soit : specifiquement l'Annee Polaire Internationale (API), l'Annee Geophysique electronique Internationale (AGeI) et l'Annee Heliophysique Internationale (AHI).
QMY problem is probably the exact opposite from other teenage girls my ageI am 14 and already a D cup size.