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(2006) and Adeyemo and Agele (2010) who observed that tillage systems with application of different organic and inorganic N sources enhance the mineralization / decomposition rates of organic residues and released more nutrients that were essential for plant growth.
Declining rainfall amounts were received with increasing growth of tomato in the late cropping season (Agele et al., 2002).
Cardinal temperatures, namely base temperature (Tb 8 oC), optimum temperature (Topt 32 oC), and maximum temperature (Tmax 42 oC) (Agele et al., 2002), were assumed in the calculation of heat unit accumulation measured as growing degree days (GDD) using the equation of McMaster and Wilhelm (1997).
Where ETpeak is peak evapotranspiration rate for the month or period, ETo is the reference evapotranspiration, for the month/period (e.g., 5.1 mm/day), P is the total area covered by the crop leaf area (cm), which is assumed 80% (after Agele, 1999).
Moisture contents at site of experiment at field capacity (21 g/100 g soil) and permanent wilting point (PWP) (7.8 g/g soil) and the depth of root zone (RZd) for water extraction is within 0 - 60 cm for tomato (Agele, 1999).
Daphnis became Philopoemen, and Chloe was named Agele. On her wedding night, Chloe at last learned from Daphnis how the delights of love might be obtained.
These results are in conformity with those of Agele (2003) who found that different seasons influenced phenology growth nutrients uptake and biomass production in sunflower.The interaction of hybrids x years were statistically significant for both the seasons.
The similar root/shoot ratio obtained in both mulched and un-mulched plots agrees with the findings of Agele et al.
Enhanced radiant energy utilization under improved leaf area for dry matter and fruits yield increases was observed by Agele et al.
Corresponding Author: Agele, S.O.,Department of Crop, Soil and Pest Management Federal University of Technology, Pmb 704, Akure, Nigeria.
Agele, S.O.,Department of Crop, Soil & Pest Management, Federal University of Technology, PMB 704, Akure, Nigeria.