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AGENAAvondale Glen Elder Neighborhood Association (Sacramento, CA)
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Agena, Kane County court records show, was first charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol.
Two days ago, Agena insulted journalists while they were covering the governor's tour in Daqahlia province.
Una insolita confianza, mas proxima al credito publico (<<la opinion que los hombres forman de la agena probidad>>, en palabras del traductor hispano de Adam Smith [Ortiz, 1796, p.
The control concepts developed by Herther, Malcomson, and Covinginton during their internships at Doc's Instrumentation Lab would eventually become the foundation for the ascent guidance and three-axis passive gravity gradient on--orbit stabilization used on the Lockheed Agena spacecraft that carried CORONA's photographic capsule.
A 10-[micro]L portion of PCR product was in vitro transcribed and cleaved in a base-specific (U-specific) manner with use of RNase A (T-Cleavage MassCleave Kit; Agena Bioscience).
The applicant is Nancy Merryman of Merryman Barnes Architects, and the owner is Agena Corporation of Toppenish, Washington.
Barbosa and Fabiana Agena collected data; Helcio Rodrigues, Nicolas Panajotopoulos, Renata P.
Primers (Table 1) were designed using the Sequenom Assay Design software (Agena Bioscience) available online at
Methylation of APC2 was quantitatively analyzed using the Sequenom MassArray platform (Agena Bioscience, San Diego, CA, USA), which employs matrix-assisted laser-desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry and RNA base-specific cleavage.
- San Diego, California-based molecular genetic solutions provider Agena Bioscience has been selected to participate as an innovative technology provider in the 'Liquid biopsies and IMAging for improved cancer care' (LIMA) project, the company said.
There is a race between 36 candidates in the elections of the Red Castle, the candidates for the presidency include: Mohamed Thabet, Mohamed Othman Fadl-Allah, Elhamy Ahmed Abdel Latif Gad Agena, Mahmoud el-Khatib and Mahmoud Taher.