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AGENDAAction for Grassroots Empowerment and Neighborhood Development Alternatives
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Uhuru has identified manufacturing, universal healthcare, food security and provision of 500, 000 affordable housing units as his key agendas during his last term.
The agenda will focus on developing and improving educational performance with a focus on outputs and development of the education system.
Sheikh Aftab Ahmed, minister for parliamentary affairs, said a debate on FATA reforms was temporarily postponed and the matter would soon be made part of the assembly agenda.
Some members of the opposition also tore copies of the agenda and staged a sit-in before the speaker's dais, followed by a walk-out by PPP members.
Head of the ESCAP delegation Stefanos Fotiou appreciated Pakistan's keenness in achieving SDGs agenda and said Pakistan is the first country to have a capacity building workshop.
They can openly pursue their open agenda, but they will also go to great lengths, in a hidden manner and backed by greater power or influence, to get what they want.
Additional responsibilities include providing public access to information, monitoring and tracking of ordinances, resolution, contracts, and other agenda
La emergencia de la agenda periodistica como objeto de analisis se explica por la confluencia de una "red compleja de factores endogenos y exogenos, estructurales y contextuales, que dan forma a los contenidos noticiosos" (Brandenburg, 2002, p.
Tedesco's (2005) study of the 2004 presidential election in the United States revealed an intercandidate agenda-setting effect such that newspapers affected Kerry's agenda whereas Bush's agenda affected newspapers.
En el segundo capitulo, "Los padres intelectuales de la agenda setting", a mi juicio hay una aportacion importante al estudio de la comunicacion politica, pues describe los inicios fundacionales del trabajo en este campo.
Esta ultima representa una linea desarrollada a partir de los anos ochenta y noventa, momento en que comenzaba a estudiarse, como cuarta fase de la teoria de la agenda setting, la agenda building (construccion de la agenda mediatica), referida a la influencia de otros actores --principalmente politicos--en la fijacion de la agenda de los medios.