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Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents on injustice.
He immediately sent a copy of Bell's patent to every agent, with orders to hold the fort against all opposition.
The ante-chamber was full of police agents and gendarmes, in the midst of whom, carefully watched, but calm and smiling, stood the prisoner.
The price of each handkerchief is five and twenty francs, mademoiselle--" she had offered the day before to sell us to the wife of one of the richest agents de change in Paris, at a napoleon a piece--"the price is five and twenty francs, if you take the dozen, but as you appear to wish only ONE, rather than not oblige you, it may be had for eight and twenty.
I could, of course, telegraph to our agent in Bayonne who would find a messenger.
Quick work disposed of these and cleared his cabin, the agent waiting to take him to the office.
After some consideration, he decided on applying to the agent who collected the rents at Hardyman's London chambers.
AN Insurance Agent was trying to induce a Hard Man to Deal With to take out a policy on his house.
He, too, gave me the impression that he was not a free agent, as we talked I began to see that he was mentally superior to the average of his kind.
Having already decided on adopting, as a means of living, the calling of a concert-singer, she has arranged to place her interests in the hands of an old friend of her late mother (who appears to have belonged also to the musical profession): a dramatic and musical agent long established in the metropolis, and well known to her as a trustworthy and respectable man.
Man therefore is the highest subject (unless on very extraordinary occasions indeed) which presents itself to the pen of our historian, or of our poet; and, in relating his actions, great care is to be taken that we do not exceed the capacity of the agent we describe.
I suppose, up to now, your lawyer has done it for you, or your business agent.