AGEPEAgence d'Etude et de Promotion de l'Emploi (French)
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The project will be implemented by three types of operators: the Agency for Studies and Employment Promotion (AGEPE), who will speak about internships, the network of 25 platforms of local services or missions, employability and entrepreneurship programs through the integration projects and governed of the land, finally NGOs or private firms for training activities.
By not expounding a dualistic ethic for church and state, Yoder challenged the" existence or the knowability of a fixed standard of justice in the realm of unbelief," and thereby affirmed that the only norm willed by God is agepe love.
TechTarget (Needham, MA) has partnered with Italian IT publisher Gruppo Editoriale Agepe (GEA; Milan) to launch TechTarget Italy, a network of web sites targeting specific communities of Italian IT professionals.