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AGERAuxiliary General Environmental Research (US Navy and US NSA)
AGEREnvironmental Research Ship
AGERAsociación Gremial del Empresariado Rural (Spanish; Guatemala)
AGERAssociazione Granaria Emiliano-Romagnola (Italian: Emilia Romagna Wheat Association; est. 1949; Emiliano-Romagnolo, Italy)
AGERAsociación Nacional de Generadores de Energía Renovable (Association of Renewable Energy Producers; Guatemala)
AGERAdvanced Glycosylation End Product-Specific Receptor
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Since Oliver Ager committed these crimes the BBC has reviewed its cash processes and ensured that there is additional oversight to prevent a crime like this from happening again.
Most staff working at BBC Wales' Roath Lock studios in Cardiff Bay, where the Doctor Who and Casualty production teams are based, were not even aware that Ager had been dismissed.
Ruth Saunders, from the Belgrade, said: "We are just a few metres away from Charles Ager and the find is a really incredible coincidence, especially considering the scene in the play when shoes are symbolically laid out on stage in an act of remembrance for those Coventrians who lost their lives on the night of the Blitz.
Community Care general manager Bill Martin said Ager passed all criminal record checks but added: "It is sickening for me and staff working here to discover he has stolen from someone in his care.
But it was taken out of context," said Ager, attempting for the fourth time to get the governor to address the question.
In Ager, we have found a talented and experienced management team with considerable local expertise to help further these efforts," said Josh Pristaw, Senior Managing Director of GTIS Partners.
In addition, Ager has worked with leading global and U.
Panel chair Steve Powell said: "Miss Ager will not be allowed to reapply for admission on the teaching register.
Emma Louise Ager was teaching English at Rhymney Comprehensive school when in 2008 she allegedly began a sexual relationship with a teenager at her school, known as "former pupil A".
Rugby-based Zarr Internet Services is working closely with Charles Ager, in Corporation Street, Coventry city centre, to showcase its footwear on the world wide web.
Footwear company Charles Ager, in Corporation Street, Coventry city centre, is developing its online service for customers worldwide with the help of Rugby-based Zarr Internet Services.
Former Rhymney Comprehensive English teacher Emma Louise Ager is alleged to have had a sexual relationship in 2008 with a 16-year-old student at the school known only as "former pupil A".