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AGERAdvanced Glycosylation End Product-Specific Receptor
AGERAuxiliary General Environmental Research (US Navy and US NSA)
AGEREnvironmental Research Ship
AGERAsociación Gremial del Empresariado Rural (Spanish; Guatemala)
AGERAsociación Nacional de Generadores de Energía Renovable (Association of Renewable Energy Producers; Guatemala)
AGERAssociazione Granaria Emiliano-Romagnola (Italian: Emilia Romagna Wheat Association; est. 1949; Emiliano-Romagnolo, Italy)
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AGER through its subsidiaries offers solutions for insurers to monetise their legacy portfolios.
Now Ager, 34, who admitted a series of money laundering offences, has been locked up for three years at Newcastle Crown Court while Dunningham, 47, was given 30 months.
She added: "During the period of these offences, David Ager had paid off his mortgage - a sum of nearly PS130,000.
Oliver Ager has since pleaded guilty to committing fraud and has now been sentenced.
Ager worked as a production accountant on Doctor Who for 20 episodes in 2007 and 2008, while David Tennant played The Doctor.
Sue Atherton, operations manager for Charles Ager, contacted the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum after she learned that it was displaying a pair of Downton Abbey style 'flapper shoes' in its latest fashion exhibition.
Havant council in Hants apologised to Mrs Ager but admitted it did prefer bin handles to face the road.
But police were waiting for Ager at his agency's office last October and found him with two stolen pounds 20 notes.
Ager asked the governor about a TV ad run many times by the Lynch campaign that showed Republican candidate James Coburn saying about the gasoline tax, "Maybe we could raise the tax a little bit .
Ager led his former club to the quarterfinals of the Welsh Cup, and was previously head coach at Cowbridge as well as coach of the Welsh Clubs XV the equivalent to England Counties.
Ager will work alongside Wei Ying-Chiao who is chairman of Tesco's Chinese partner and who will be chairman of their new joint venture.
Ager also said that the CMWS deliveries represent the first step in equipping USASOC helicopters with the full Suite of Integrated Infrared Countermesures (SIIRCM), which includes the AN/ALO-2 12 Advanced Threat Infrared Counter-measures (ATIRCM) system.