AGFDArizona Game and Fish Department
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AGFD argued nonresident caps encourage wildlife conservation by Arizona sportsmen.
AGFD also maintained that the money resident sportsmen generated in and out of Arizona counterbalanced the interstate commerce rule, Aikens says, "but the judge didn't buy it.
The AGFD made swift arrangements with the Mexican government to integrate genetically diverse Sonoran pronghorns from one of two isolated populations south of the border.
Civilian and Air Force volunteers assisted AGFD monitors by hanging 2.
The AGFD monitors, with assistance from the Service and the Marines, have found occasional damage to the fence as a result of illegal human immigration from Mexico.
In January of 2006, the AGFD went back to Mexico to assess its population and to capture new pronghorns for the Cabeza Prieta breeding pen.
Citing various scientific studies, AGFD, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, a wildlife biologist working for USFS who had published research on the northern goshawk, and the Center for Biological Diversity renewed the challenge to USFS's determination that the northern goshawk was a habitat generalist.
Any single factor, de Vos says, or some combination of them, could be the cause, so nearly three years ago AGFD began a study to examine each potential element.
But, says de Vos, after tracking a number of sheep with radio-collars, AGFD finds, "No implication .
AGFD began to issue more sport hunting licenses for the big cats to reduce their numbers by 75 percent, or 36 cats.