AGFIAdjusted Goodness of Fit Index (statisticals)
AGFIAboitiz Group Foundation, Inc. (Philippines)
AGFIAdvanced Government Finance Institute (Government Finance Officers Association)
AGFIAdjusted Goodness of Fit Indices
AGFIAsociación de Grupos Financieros e Industriales (Spanish: Association of Financial and Industrial Groups)
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102)] = 260,90, p<0,001; CFI = 0,93; GFI = 0,89; AGFI = 0,85; SRMR = 0,05; RMSEA = 0,08; IC 90% = 0,07-0,09, como para las chicas, [[ji al cuadrado].
The areas of greater focus were typically CMIN/df, GFI, AGFI, CFI, RMSEA, Chi-square/df and finally, coefficient alpha.
Fitting indexes of model Index GFI AGFI RMSEA Chi-Square df P Estimate .
Eventually, fitness comparison between both models are based on the values of Chi square, GFI, AGFI and RMSEA.
Likewise, the CFI and AGFI values also indicate a good fit between the model and the data (1.
The absolute indices GFI and AGFI are also significant because they exceed their respective thresholds.
Acceptable model fit levels for GFI and AGFI are greater than or equal to .
GFI and AGFI increase as goodness of fit increases and are bounded above by 1, while RMSEA and RMR decrease as goodness of fit increases and are bound below by zero (Browne and Cudeck, 1989).