AGFOAgate Fossil Beds National Monument (US National Park Service)
AGFOAssociation of Generals and Flag Officers (Philippines)
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But the Agfo said there are elements within the state that are exploiting the situation to promote their ideological objectives.
And it is not difficult to comprehend either the consequent demoralisation in the soldiers' ranks if this is allowed to happen," the Agfo said.
"Mr Tulfo's outburst during his program 'Tutok Tulfo' portrays unprofessional conduct of a media practitioner, sets bad example to striving and future mediamen, and leaves negative impression to the general public," AGFO said in a statement.
"AGFO abhors such abuse of freedom of expression," it added.
The AGFO posed four questions to consider in choosing the next president:
Earlier, AGFO denied rumors it was backing a particular presidential candidate.
Adan issued the statement in reaction to claims that the AGFO has thrown its support behind certain candidates or groups.
He added that the AGFO's guideline for its members is for them to vote wisely for candidates who have the national interest as a foremost consideration.
However, based on our encounters, we found that there is no single opinion among the members of AGFO and retired military officials as a whole.
Adan, the AGFO called for a "swift, independent investigation to exact responsibility and demand justice for the law enforcers."
AGFO also urged the government to examine closely the security implications of any final agreement with any armed rebel group like the MILF.
Although I have not been able to fully verify this information, I understand the Association of General and Flag Officers (AGFO) was also unhappy about PMA's treatment of retired star rank officers.