AGGCAthens Grow Green Coalition (Georgia)
AGGCAtlantic Giant Genetics Cooperative
AGGCAnopheles Gambiae Genome Consortium
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Pearson Product-Moment Correlations AGGS COMS DIVS EMPS ENVS PRODS AGGC COMC AGGS 1.
Al Ghazal women's captain Kate Davies added: "The AGGC ladies section is very proud and honoured to have the National Bank of Abu Dhabi support this special event and in particular their support of the traditions of EoACAysand golf'.
Abu Dhabi Saracens vs Abu Dhabi Harlequins B AGGC 5pm
Our sponsorship of this event comes as a part of NBAD's corporate social responsibility policy and reflects our strong relationships with Al Ghazal Golf Club as we are sponsoring the Ladies Open, organised by AGGC, since the 1980's," he added.