AGGIAnnual Greenhouse Gas Index (US NOAA)
AGGIAdvisory Group on Gender Integration (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation; 1999-2002; now Gender Focal Point Network)
AGGIAll Good Gifts International (music ministry)
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Industrial Chemical AGGI ODGI Designation or Formula Common Name Carbon Dioxide C[O.
NOAA scientists created the AGGI recognizing that carbon dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas affecting the balance of heat in the atmosphere.
The AGGI includes methane and nitrous oxide, for example, greenhouse gases that are emitted by human activities and also have natural sources and sinks.
Scientists at NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory prepare the AGGI each year from atmospheric data collected through an international cooperative air sampling network of more than 100 sites around the world.
com forayed into Oman in the second half of 2007 and this paved the way for its successful partnership with AGGI.
1990 in the radiative forcing by the gases included in the AGGI.
Mole fractions, radiative efficiencies and lifetimes of chemicals considered in the AGGI (C[0.