AGHDAAdult Growth Hormone Deficiency Assessment
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We have not yet considered replacement of GH in our patient despite very low IGF-1, because he has shown remarkable improvement in quality of life with glucocorticoid, androgen and thyroxine replacement therapy and his AGHDA score is 10 (7).
Also in the glossary, I would like to suggest a few corrections: aghda (< arda) is rather "termite" than "wood-worm"; makkuk (a weaver's term) is "shuttle" not "spool"; the essence of the mushtamal-house is that it is a small additional structure built for rental purposes on the edge of a property where the building code does not allow the building of a main residence (qasr); qashrnagh (< qashmar) is more frequently "to fool" someone than "to make fun" of him.
Common main course dishes include lahmi marreg (lamb), kabsa roz (minced meat eaten with soup and rice), aghda (stewed mutton, spices and puree of tomatoes), susi (layers of bread with eggs, milk and butterfat) and the perennial favourite, bint al-sahin.