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AGIAdjusted Gross Income
AGIAnalytical Graphics, Inc.
AGIAmerican Geological Institute
AGIArtificial General Intelligence
AGIAlan Guttmacher Institute
AGIAsterisk Gateway Interface (Unix)
AGIAssociation for Geographic Information
AGIAdventure Game Interpreter (Sierra)
AGIAssociation of Ghana Industries (Ghana)
AGIAlternative Gifts International
AGIAcademy for Guided Imagery
AGIAdvanced Geospatial Intelligence
AGIArabidopsis Genome Initiative (est. 1996)
AGIAgenzia Giornalistica Italiana (Italian Reporters Agency)
AGIAnnée Géophysique Internationale (French)
AGIAlpine Group, Inc. (holding company; East Rutherford, NJ)
AGIAcute Gastrointestinal Illness
AGIAbove Ground Installation
AGIAcid Gas Injection
AGIAnnual General Inspection
AGIAssociazione Geofisica Italiana
AGIAssociazione Guide Italiane (Italian Girl Guides Association)
AGIAgence Générale Immobilière (French: General Real Estate Agency)
AGIAnnuaire Généalogique Internet (French: Internet Genealogical Directory)
AgISilver Iodine
AGIAntarctic Geographic Information
AGIAuxiliary General Intelligence (NATO) Intelligence Collectors
AGIAnderson Group Inc (Atlanta, GA)
AGIAccounting Group International (est. 1991)
AGIAssessments Group Indonesia
AGIAir Global International
AGIAdministration Générale de l'Infrastructure (French: General Administration of Infrastructure; Belgium)
AGIAustralian Gastroenterology Institute
AGIAlbi Gestion Immobilière (French property management company)
AGIAdvanced Global Imager
AGIAlliance Global Investments Inc.
AGIArmament Gas Ingestion
AGIAssociation for Genital Integrity
AGIAt-Grade Intersection (street planning)
AGIArcus Group Inc
AGISoviet General Intelligence SIGINT Ship
AGISoviet Intelligence Collection Ship
AGIAeronautical and General Instruments (UK)
AGIAnti-Gang Initiative
AGIAssociazione Goistica Italiana (Italian: Association for Go in Italy; game)
AGIAntwerp Gemological Institute
AGIAdvanced Ground Instructor (certification; US FAA)
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The reconciliation items (lines 3-9 and 11-15) in tables 1 and 2 allow the construction from personal income (line 1) of a BEA-derived AGI (line 22) that conforms to the definition of AGI (line 23).
For additional information about AGI or its commercially available software technologies, e-mail info@agi.
As a result, the AGI on schedule EIC will not match line 31 of form 1040.
All contest applicants receive an AGI University Grant Competition shirt and a voucher for a free STK certification test, worth $495.
Media Contact: Ashley Eyzengart, AGI Entertainment Media & Management LLC, 6467832092, aeyzengart@agi-entertainment.
Zev Weiss, Co-CEO of American Greetings stated We are pleased that the impressive business model of AGI In-Store will be able to expand to its fullest potential under RockTenn s ownership.
BEA's personal income estimate is a more comprehensive income measure than the IRS AGI measure.
The ability to contribute to these accounts phases out for joint fliers with adjusted gross income (AGI) between $190,000 and $220,000, and single fliers with AGI between $95,000 and $110,000.
2005), we reported that urinary concentrations of four phthalate metabolites [mono-n-butyl phthalate (MBP), monobenzyl phthalate (MBzP), monoethyl phthalate (MEP), and monoisobutyl phthalate (MiBP)] were inversely and significantly related to AGI.
AGI reported losses of approximately $34,000 in 1999 and 2000, which the Assafs reported on their schedule E.
AGI paid off some of the invoices, but a $540,000 balance still remains.
Coincident with the drop in abortions, AGI tells us, has been a continuing decline in the number of abortionists, or as AGI puts it, "abortion providers.