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AGIAdjusted Gross Income
AGIAnalytical Graphics, Inc.
AGIAmerican Geological Institute
AGIArtificial General Intelligence
AGIAlan Guttmacher Institute
AGIAsterisk Gateway Interface (Unix)
AGIAssociation for Geographic Information
AGIAdventure Game Interpreter (Sierra)
AGIAssociation of Ghana Industries (Ghana)
AGIAlternative Gifts International
AGIAcademy for Guided Imagery
AGIAdvanced Geospatial Intelligence
AGIArabidopsis Genome Initiative (est. 1996)
AGIAgenzia Giornalistica Italiana (Italian Reporters Agency)
AGIAnnée Géophysique Internationale (French)
AGIAlpine Group, Inc. (holding company; East Rutherford, NJ)
AGIAcute Gastrointestinal Illness
AGIAbove Ground Installation
AGIAcid Gas Injection
AGIAnnual General Inspection
AGIAssociazione Geofisica Italiana
AGIAssociazione Guide Italiane (Italian Girl Guides Association)
AGIAgence Générale Immobilière (French: General Real Estate Agency)
AGIAnnuaire Généalogique Internet (French: Internet Genealogical Directory)
AgISilver Iodine
AGIAntarctic Geographic Information
AGIAuxiliary General Intelligence (NATO) Intelligence Collectors
AGIAnderson Group Inc (Atlanta, GA)
AGIAccounting Group International (est. 1991)
AGIAssessments Group Indonesia
AGIAir Global International
AGIAdministration Générale de l'Infrastructure (French: General Administration of Infrastructure; Belgium)
AGIAustralian Gastroenterology Institute
AGIAlbi Gestion Immobilière (French property management company)
AGIAdvanced Global Imager
AGIAlliance Global Investments Inc.
AGIArmament Gas Ingestion
AGIAssociation for Genital Integrity
AGIAt-Grade Intersection (street planning)
AGIArcus Group Inc
AGISoviet General Intelligence SIGINT Ship
AGISoviet Intelligence Collection Ship
AGIAeronautical and General Instruments (UK)
AGIAnti-Gang Initiative
AGIAssociazione Goistica Italiana (Italian: Association for Go in Italy; game)
AGIAntwerp Gemological Institute
AGIAdvanced Ground Instructor (certification; US FAA)
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The AGI gap can be considered an indicator of noncompliance with the Federal tax code because the BEA-derived AGI is based on estimates of personal income that are adjusted to include income that is unreported on individual income tax returns, whereas the IRS measure of AGI is based entirely on unaudited tax return data.
Clients should also plan to maximize contributions to health savings accounts (HSAs), which can serve to reduce AGI by up to $6,750 per year for a client with family coverage in 2017.
AGI has made numerous investments to grow its fixed income business in recent years.
The presentations of the regular papers were clustered into four technical sessions: AGI architectures and cognitive systems, learning in AGI systems, programming and natural language systems, and theoretical and conceptual issues of AGI systems.
Example 2: Liz Oldman, age 54, has $100,000 of AGI and $11,000 of deductible unreimbursed medical expenses in 2012.
Davy Corporate Finance is serving as financial advisor to AGI, while Beauchamps Solicitors is acting as its legal advisor.
BEA's personal income estimate is a more comprehensive income measure than the IRS AGI measure.
The ability to contribute to these accounts phases out for joint fliers with adjusted gross income (AGI) between $190,000 and $220,000, and single fliers with AGI between $95,000 and $110,000.
Long-term capital gain property FMV up to 30% of AGI.
We designed our study to focus on this specific measurement because of highly reliable results in the animal literature showing that certain phthalates reduce AGD (and AGI) in rodents and because, as continuous variables, AGD and AGI would not require a large sample size to demonstrate this relationship, if it existed.
The Assafs each owned 50% of AGI Consulting, a limited liability company, which in turn owned a building it rented to attorneys, providing them with three services: office space, legal support services and consulting services.
AGI) has unveiled new tool kit for software integrators who want to develop, deploy, and maintain stand-alone applications that incorporate AGI technology.