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AGILAirport Group Investments Ltd. (various locations)
AGILAll Gas Iodine Laser
AGILAro Granite Industries Ltd. (India)
AGILairborne general illumination lightself (US DoD)
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The AGIL model allows observations like the extensive listings of "top reasons for failure" to be sorted into four major functional categories.
AGIL is the distribution and marketing arm of the Tunisian Ministry of Energy with a strong presence in retail, bunker, lubricants, natural gas and the aviation fuel markets and the new partnership dovetails with Air BP's strategic plans to increase its presence in Africa and the Middle East.
The pounds 420 million paid by AGIL represented a multiple of earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of 20.
Teachers will own a majority stake in AGIL, with 60.
New Agil is the first hearing instrument designed to enable people with hearing loss to minimize the cognitive energy expended in typical listening environments without compromising sound quality and speech understanding.
Agil Hewageegana said that these are mainly for the leisure sector.
NAPCO thrashed Diplomats by six wickets in the Indian Club 7-a-Side Open Softball Cricket Tournament sponsored by Behzad Group, Orange Garage, Berger Paints, Agil Freight Logistics and Yahoo Health Club.
In 2009, Agil said they would consider expansion in North Africa after 2012, with Egypt a primary target.
The other players to make it through to the boys' final four were sixth seed Nguyen Thien of Vietnam, Malaysian third seed Ahmed Deeda Abdulrazak, and Indian Abishek Alla, who upset second seed Syed Agil Syed Naguib.
Teachers' will own a majority stake in AGIL, with 60.
Abdulaziz lost to Saudi'a Bader Al Omran 0-6, 1-6; while Omar went down to Harumi Ohta, also from Japan, 0-6, 1-6; and Mohammed was also beaten by number two seed Syed Agil Syed Naguib 0-6, 0-6.