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AGILEAdvanced Generation of Interoperability for Law Enforcement (US Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice's Office of Science And Technology program)
AGILEAutomatic Generation of Instructions in Languages of Eastern Europe (software tool)
AGILEAstrorivelatore Gamma a Immagini Leggero (Italian satellite for gamma-ray observation)
AGILEAssociation of Geographic Information Laboratories Europe
AGILEAdvanced Geospatial Image Library Enterprise
AGILEAutonetics General Information Learning Equipment
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We are pleased to have Intelliware s support as we come together to examine the latest theory, practical applications and implications of Agile methods, said Jim Newkirk, Agile 2010 conference chair for the Agile Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the advancement of Agile software development principles and practices.
The rewards of the Agile Workforce go to employees who are highly self-motivated and not self-conscious," said Michael Joroff, MIT senior researcher and project co-director.
Picasso at the Lapin Agile,'' and its newly transformed resident company, are worthy occupants.
Increasingly we need to be agile," says Hudson, "but across borders and across corporate cultures.
5% of Microsoft Cloud solution providers worldwide, Agile IT was recognized with three prestigious awards in 2012.
Key words: SDLC, Process Models, Agile Principles, Quality Attributes
Leading with the best agile coaches in the industry, our Agile Management solution portfolio is the first of its kind to tightly connect business strategy with development execution, creating a high-speed work environment.
Linz describes the agile development process from the perspective of testing and quality assurance, explaining how agile testing works, where traditional testing techniques are still necessary within the agile environment, and how to embed these in the agile approach.
For most programs, using Agile is approaching new territory, full of unfamiliar processes, lacking clear alignment to existing expectations, and/or one in which program stakeholders are unprepared to adapt to their changing roles.
The Serena survey was conducted at the recent Agile 2012 Conference where enterprise IT professionals from around the globe joined to discuss current and best agile development practices.
The Agile Requirements Gathering seminar provides training in requirements gathering and collaboration techniques that are necessary for Agile Projects, including user stories, use cases and use case slices.
Adkins, who has taught Scrum, coached agile teams, and served as a master coach to apprentice coaches, offers a guide to coaching agile teams for project managers, coaches, leaders, and others.