AGIMEAssociazione Giovani Imprenditori Materiale Elettrico (Italian: Young Entrepreneurs Association of Electrical Equipment)
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Agime bought nice clothes, prepared dinner parties and was often at first-nights and premieres in the bustling city.
One day Agime hoped she, husband Nexhdet and their children might return home.
He's removed the roots of millions of lives, leaving Agime and others like her existing on the perimeters of reality.
Agime is an intelligent woman of 37 who speaks perfect English but she finds it hard to articulate her feelings.
Until two weeks ago Agime tried to forget the nightmares they left behind to concentrate on making the most of life in their small London council flat.
Ask Agime how she sees the future and she cannot bring herself to answer.
If there is any justice in the world Agime and her family will be re-united in their homes and will feel once again they are back where they belong.
Implementing agency : Junta De Gobierno Del Ayuntamiento Villa De Agimes
Contact Person: Junta De Gobierno Del Ayuntamiento Villa De Agimes
Contract notice: acquisition of different materials for different areas of agimes city council: lots 3, 9, 11 and 17 of the contract for the supply of diverse materials