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AGINAssociated Geriatric Information Network Inc. (post-acute care consulting services; New Rochelle, NY)
AGINAno Genital Intraepithelial Neoplasia
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your mother's a nice woman, young Jerry, going a praying agin your father's prosperity.
I can't be took for seein' him, because there's no lor agin it.
The T'other Governor he's always joked his jokes agin me, owing, as I believe, to my being a honest man as gets my living by the sweat of my brow.
As I says in the letter in my daughter's hand, with my mark put to it to make it good in law, Who but you, Lawyer Lightwood, ought to hand over this here stifficate, and who but you ought to go in for damages on my account agin the Steamer?
O' course I know very well as no man in his right senses would suppose as anythink would make me give it up agin when I'd once got it.
You won't do it agin,' said the boy, nodding his head and drawing back, with the elbows ready in case of the worst; 'now--'
Stand upon your head agin, and I'll cut one of your feet off.
Last week, I got a message from Mawaqif saying my permit has been renewed," said Agin.
Ulkemizden yayinlanmis Rotavirus enfeksiyonunun epidemiyolojik ve klinik ozellikleri ile maliyet analizini iceren baska calismaya rastlamamis olmam nedeniyle, yazarlari retrospektif de olsa maliyet analizi iceren bu calismalarindan dolayi kutluyor; bu konuda Agin ve arkadaslari tarafindan yapilan calismaya benzer, hem epide-miyolojik hem de maliyet analizini iceren iyi planlanmis, prospektif, cok merkezli calismalara ihtiyac oldugunu vurgulamak istiyorum.
As for the rest of the Arab nations, are they with us or agin us?
The stands' rail agin proved to be the place to be as Tyfos scored for Mark Brisbourne and Tom McLaughlin in the last race on the card, the 6f handicap.