AGKKAustralian Goju Kai Karate
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administration of basic PC software on AGKK and SGKK, technical advice,
analyzes and consultations and assistance in the operation of computer and peripheral equipment in AGKK
the public procurement is for the execution of lots in the main refurbishment of the buildings of the irakli and ahtopol mar- keting stations and the implementation of the cpr as well as for the ongoing repairs of the buildings of the agkk located in the districts of blagoevgrad , Kyustendil, Pernik, Sofia and sofia.
The subject-matter of the distinct item includes the supply of genuine lexmark printers, models cs727de and ms517dn, for agkk needs with the following quantities: 1.
Contract award notice: "services for carrying out technical activities for maintenance of kbc (until provision of maintenance of kbc of agkk under cpra)" 23 detached positions
Contract notice: implementation of security activities of sites of the agency for geodesy, cartography and cadastre (agkk), in 6 (six) lots
Security of security and fire alarm equipment of the agkk property located in the sites of vidin, vratsa, lovech, montana and pleven - 11 sites.
Contract notice: "services for conducting technical activities for maintenance of kbc (up to the provision of maintenance of kbcs of agkk under cpra)" in 28 lots
The subject matter of the procurement is "technical assistance and maintenance of hardware and basic software in agkk and sgcc" and includes activities on: - assist the administration of hardware systems and software products in agkk and all ssgcs, - ensuring the smooth operation of the information services and the information and communication infrastructure of agkk, - provide technical advice and help to agcc and sgcc and other users of hardware and software, - maintaining a helpdesk for hardware and software users in agkk and sgkk, - maintaining existing hardware in agkk, sgcc, and exported workstations that work with agkk-owned equipment, - reducing downtime caused by hardware malfunctions and system and application software issues.
part of "black sea panorama" (old names of perchemliata and studena voda) - a land property with identifier 54145.124.1 with an area of 127,835 decares along the cadastral map and cadastral registers approved by order -18-96 / 28.12 .2015 of agkk id; 1.2.
Contract notice: execution of basic and current repairs in buildings of the agency for geodesy, cartography and cadastre (agkk) by lot