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AGLOWAssociation of Greater London Older Women (UK)
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The young man heard her with veins aglow; but in his confusion of mind he hardly knew whether her news brought joy or pain.
We loitered about gazing aloft at the monster windows all aglow with brilliantly colored scenes in the lives of the Saviour and his followers.
Her eyes were aglow with inspiration, and a slight tremor of rapture passed over her lovely features once or twice.
Anne looked at Marilla through the apple blossoms, her eyes aglow with interest.
Aglow with new confidence Elmer went to the office of the New Willard House and pounded on the door.
The host, dismounting, sped The parting guest whose boat rocked under him, And when the circling stirrup-cup went round, No light guitar, no lute, was heard again; But on the heart aglow with wine there fell Beneath the cold bright moon the cold adieu Of fading friends -- when suddenly beyond The cradled waters stole the lullaby Of some faint lute; then host forgot to go, Guest lingered on: all, wondering at the spell, Besought the dim enchantress to reveal Her presence; but the music died and gave No answer, dying.
Then Ulysses and his son made all haste to take the helmets, shields, and spears inside; and Minerva went before them with a gold lamp in her hand that shed a soft and brilliant radiance, whereon Telemachus said, "Father, my eyes behold a great marvel: the walls, with the rafters, crossbeams, and the supports on which they rest are all aglow as with a flaming fire.
New Delhi, [India], Aug 08 ( ANI ): Imagine the night sky of Macao aglow in a starburst of magnificent fireworks accompanied by the cheers and applause of spectators enjoying this spectacular light and sound show.
Too many white cows on that hill all aglow, all facing the same
Concert Brimfield Area Master Singers, directed by Steven Carlson, will present their winter concert AGLOW, 7 p.m.
And Mr Penumbra's bookstore is at the heart of Robin Sloan's novel, never closed, its light always aglow in downtown San Francisco's dark.
The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography