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AGLOWAssociation of Greater London Older Women (UK)
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We loitered about gazing aloft at the monster windows all aglow with brilliantly colored scenes in the lives of the Saviour and his followers.
Her eyes were aglow with inspiration, and a slight tremor of rapture passed over her lovely features once or twice.
Anne looked at Marilla through the apple blossoms, her eyes aglow with interest.
The host, dismounting, sped The parting guest whose boat rocked under him, And when the circling stirrup-cup went round, No light guitar, no lute, was heard again; But on the heart aglow with wine there fell Beneath the cold bright moon the cold adieu Of fading friends -- when suddenly beyond The cradled waters stole the lullaby Of some faint lute; then host forgot to go, Guest lingered on: all, wondering at the spell, Besought the dim enchantress to reveal Her presence; but the music died and gave No answer, dying.
Then Ulysses and his son made all haste to take the helmets, shields, and spears inside; and Minerva went before them with a gold lamp in her hand that shed a soft and brilliant radiance, whereon Telemachus said, "Father, my eyes behold a great marvel: the walls, with the rafters, crossbeams, and the supports on which they rest are all aglow as with a flaming fire.
The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography: Photographing Newborns, Babies, Children and Families provides a fine collection of some 100 ideas for posing children and infants individually and with families and siblings, and is a pick for any aspiring professional's collection.
On its website, Aglow makes clear that its "mandate" for supporting Israel politically grew out of a global charismatic Christian prayer movement and what it claims are biblical prophecies of Israel's role in setting the stage for the Second Coming.
We are honored to receive the Best in Craft Award from AGLOW and be recognized for our work," said Kevin Howard, president of Howard Communications Inc.
And we have Michelle, Malia and Sasha in the White House, which is aglow with their beautiful smiles.
When he stepped out for fresh air that evening, Adams found the streets aglow.
The science projects are presented and judged at the Science Aglow event held twice a year at Pembrokeshire College.
Somewhere in that range is room for a man who risks looking bad on two injured legs and winds up hitting a home run that sets a town aglow in red brake lights.