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Considering the established link between rainfall, El Nino events, sea surface temperature, plankton, and cholera in the coastal areas, the emergence of cholera and its spread in AGLR can be hypothesized to have been facilitated by global climatic and local environmental factors.
Pearson correlations were computed between the time series of annual data of cholera cases in the 6 AGLR countries (13).
We then analyzed data provided by DRC, which reported 159,086 cholera cases and 4,912 cholera-related deaths during 2002-2008, corresponding to 66% of the cases and 71% of the deaths reported to WHO from the 6 AGLR countries.
The results showed that the AGLR step is the best balance between the figure of merit and the processing delay.
Abbreviations: AGLR = approximated generalized likelihood ratio, EMG = electromyographic and electromyography, EOG = electro-oculography, HN = high noise, IR = infrared, LED = light-emitting diode, LN = low noise, NN = no noise, OS = operating system, SC = system with communication, SCDC = system with communication and fixation delay correction, SNC = system with no communication, VOG = video-oculographic and video-oculography.
When AGLR first considered outsourcing, it did research and due diligence.
As Atlanta-based AGLR has grown, it had consolidated all of the call centers to one location.
In preparing for outsourcing, AGLR spent much time and effort and, naturally, costs ran higher than originally anticipated.
After the market hardening became severe, AGLR sat down with Zurich Corporate Solutions[R] (ZCS) to evaluate how their current insurance program could be enhanced to address the new challenges of market conditions and to achieve the company's long-term strategic risk management goals.
Specifically, the integrated program combined property and casualty lines, allowing AGLR to raise retentions and lower costs in both areas of risk.
According to Paul Wagner, the director of risk management for AGLR, "ZCS's innovative approach was able to solve our risk management objectives.