AGLRAGL Resources
AGLRAnti-Glare, Low Reflection
AGLRAtlanta Gas Light Resources (Atlanta, GA)
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Considering the established link between rainfall, El Nino events, sea surface temperature, plankton, and cholera in the coastal areas, the emergence of cholera and its spread in AGLR can be hypothesized to have been facilitated by global climatic and local environmental factors.
The results showed that the AGLR step is the best balance between the figure of merit and the processing delay.
After the market hardening became severe, AGLR sat down with Zurich Corporate Solutions[R] (ZCS) to evaluate how their current insurance program could be enhanced to address the new challenges of market conditions and to achieve the company's long-term strategic risk management goals.
Capital spending to maintain these businesses remains relatively modest and non-utility activities continue to generate economic value for AGLR in the form of cash dividends and/or earnings.
Fitch understands that the settlement agreement will reduce consolidated AGLR operating income by $10.
AGLR completed the acquisition of NUI's outstanding common stock on November 30, 2004, for $218 million in cash and the assumption of approximately $595 million of outstanding NUI net debt.
18, 2004, AGLR priced approximately $300 million of new common stock, proceeds of which will be utilized to fund the cash component and repay short-term debt.
A' senior unsecured) were placed on Rating Watch Negative following the July 15, 2004 announcement that AGLR has agreed to acquire the common stock of NUI Corp.
Ratings for AGLR and its affiliates are listed below.
AGLC ('A' senior unsecured debt rating), AGLR's largest subsidiary, is expected to remain a strong cash flow contributor to AGLR given its robust service territory economics, track record of profitable expansion and stable earnings stream following the full unbundling of the gas industry in Georgia.
Importantly, non-regulated activities have generated economic value for AGLR in the form of cash dividends and/or earnings.