AGLSAgriculture and Life Sciences (education)
AGLSAustralian Government Locator Service
AGLSAssociation for General and Liberal Studies (Muncie, IN)
AGLSAutomatic Gun Laying System (weapons)
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More so, the two consecutive fouls committed by AGLS hurt the team the most sending Jason Padilla to the free throw line.
Table 3 provides a comparison of overall features and benefits between the proposed AGLS and the features supported by each of the commonly available automated grading systems.
The AGLS is comprised of grading and library components.
The process of the grading component of the AGLS begins when a comparison is made between a student's answer and the list of correct responses.
Specific details about the technologies employed by the AGLS can be found in Appendix C.
In addition to the grading services, instructors have access to the plagiarism detection tools provided by the AGLS for particular Office products.
To understand the benefits of the AGLS, an experiment was designed to test its impact on various aspects of feedback.
In the post-implementation set, the AGLS calculated student grades by starting with a perfect score of 100 and subtracting the number of points given to a gradable item when it was deemed incorrect.
The results indicated that the AGLS grades were generally lower as it found more errors and graded more of the cells (Excel) or query entries (Access) than the manual grading.
None of the qualitative evaluators had used the AGLS system.
The number of assignments with zero comments provided to students in the course management system before the AGLS was implemented was 30.
0]: The use of the AGLS will not affect the quantity of feedback provided to students.