AGLSAgriculture and Life Sciences (education)
AGLSAustralian Government Locator Service
AGLSAssociation for General and Liberal Studies (Muncie, IN)
AGLSAutomatic Gun Laying System (weapons)
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To understand the impact of the AGLS on feedback, three hypotheses were developed.
The use of the AGLS will increase the quantity of feedback provided
The use of the AGLS will decrease the amount of time for a project to be graded.
The implementation of the AGLS provides an innovative approach for automated grading--especially on assignments with more complexity.
APPENDIX A: Process Flow of Adaptive Grading in the AGLS
Following their guidelines the following key concepts were used in the development of the AGLS.
A drawback is that these programs do not always include all methods of answering a problem and do not allow instant changes by the instructor like the AGLS does.
In order to meet the need of students and instructors, a system known as the AGLS was developed.
Table 3 provides a comparison of overall features and benefits between the proposed AGLS and the features supported by each of the commonly available automated grading systems.
The AGLS is comprised of grading and library components.
The process of the grading component of the AGLS begins when a comparison is made between a student's answer and the list of correct responses.
Specific details about the technologies employed by the AGLS can be found in Appendix C.