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AGMAnnual General Meeting
AGMAbsorbed Glass Mat (battery)
AGMAward of Garden Merit (British horticulture)
AGMAbsorbent Glass Mat (valve regulated lead acid battery)
AGMAssistant General Manager
AGMAir-to-Ground Missile
AGMArithmetic Geometric Mean
AGMAsian Gypsy Moth (insect species)
AGMAorta Gonad Mesonephros (embryonic region)
AGMMissile Range Instrumentation Ship
AGMArea General Manager
AGMAir-to-surface Guided Missile
AGMAssociate General Manager
AGMArtillery Gun Module (military equipment)
AGMAmerican Guild of Music (Warren, MI)
AGMAcademia General Militar (Spanish Army)
AGMAssociation Genevoise des Malentendants
AGMAttack Guided Missile
AGMAngle-Grinder Man
AGMAttack Guidance Matrix
AGMArmy Golden Master
AGMAnnual Guidance Memorandum
AGMAnimaux Génétiquement Modifiés (French: Genetically Modified Animals)
AGMArbeitsgemeinschaft Modellraketen Deutschland
AGMAbove Ground Marker (reference point)
AGMAutonomous Guided Weapon
AGMAgence Grand Massif (French trustee agency)
AGMAnti-Gravity Machine
AGMAgmultivision SRL (Milan, Italy)
AGMAbove Gross Margin
AGMAnalyse, Géométrie, Modélisation (French: Geometry, Modeling, Analysis)
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com; further information on MMH, copies of the Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2014 and the AGM notice are available from the Company's website: www.
The new battery line, claims the company is the industry's first true deep-cycle AGM battery.
Sundram, seeking to postpone the AGM till January 31, agreed to give extra time as the arguments were still going on.
As soon as a company meeting is announced, the notice is posted to the AGM Agenda website.
The AGM is a big event for aviation in the Middle East, and particularly for the airlines based in the Gulf region," said IATA director general and chief executive Tony Tyler.
The AGM will be a big event for aviation in the Middle East, and particularly for the airlines based in the Gulf region," said Tony Tyler, IATA's director general and CEO.
The Board is recommending to the AGM to set the total amount of dividend payment for Sistema's shares at RUB 19.
With Serbia and Egypt also in the running, the ITF voted in favour of Dubai hosting the 2014 AGM during the meeting of its board of directors meeting held in Prague last November.
The Board is pleased to announce that all the resolutions as set out in the Notice of AGM were duly passed by Shareholders by way of poll at the AGM held on 22 May 2013.
If members decide on a two-day nursing conference, then attendance could be open to a wider group than AGM delegates and run on a fee-paying basis.
No AGM has been held since the collapse of the Destination Kirkby project, thus shareholders have not been able to hear the board''s plans regarding the ongoing stadium issue or to question financial issues'.
Mr Oh is due to retire and is eligible for re-election at the coming AGM, however, will not be seeking re-election and Mr Nicolas Revell will be retiring at AGM.