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AGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturers Association
AGMAAmerican Guild of Musical Artists
AGMAAssociation of Greater Manchester Authorities (UK)
AGMAAlliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement
AGMAAnion Gap Metabolic Acidosis
AGMAAustralian Goat Milk Association (Childers, Victoria, Australia)
AGMAAnti-Grey Market Alliance (3Com, Apple, Compaq, HP, Nortel Networks, Xerox Corporation)
AGMAAssistant General Manager for Administration
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Leonard Egert, AGMA's National Executive Director, also welcomed the new group: "I am excited that the singers of Westwood will soon be joining the AGMA family.
The result of contact stresses for Hertz theory and the AGMA standard for model (position) C (see Fig.
The three dimensional static stress analysis has done and it is compared with the results given by AGMA procedure.
Colletotrichum isolates were cultured on PDA, and Streptomyces isolates were grown on AGMA, both for 7 days incubated at room temperature (28-30[degrees]C).
"Recently, Agma's products were approved by the (Bahraini) government for their projects under tender," said Andres.
We know there's strong bipartisan support for the AGMA at the federal level.
Quant aux plus fortes baisses, elles ont concerne Fenie Brossette (-5,27 pc a 116 DH), Timar (-5,13 pc a 347 DH), Agma Lahlou-Tazi (-4,42 pc a 2.160 DH), Microdata (-4,23 pc a 111 DH) et Ennakl (-3,29 pc a 33,56 DH).
With a prompted input sequence the program will calculate all required basic gear tooth geometry, including tooth thickness, fillet geometry, contact ratios, toot geometry, bending and contact stresses, flash temperature, and strength and durability ratings in accordance with AGMA Standard 2001.
With that in mind, you also have to look at those behind the ban - AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) is led by Lord Smith of Leigh (Labour) the man responsible for seeing that the tunnels will never be toll free.
For quiet, smooth operation and extended life, AGMA 10 precision ground gearing and variable frequency speed drive are included.
Jefferies said: "Ayr hold the upper hand in cup ties and I saw the reaction of our fans at the club AGMa couple of weeks ago.