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AGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturers Association
AGMAAmerican Guild of Musical Artists
AGMAAssociation of Greater Manchester Authorities (UK)
AGMAAlliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement
AGMAAnion Gap Metabolic Acidosis
AGMAAustralian Goat Milk Association (Childers, Victoria, Australia)
AGMAAnti-Grey Market Alliance (3Com, Apple, Compaq, HP, Nortel Networks, Xerox Corporation)
AGMAAssistant General Manager for Administration
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A dancer is eligible to join SAG-AFTRA upon being offered her first major union role, completing three days of work as a background actor, or as a member in good standing of Equity or AGMA.
Roger Klein, vice president and general manger of QLogic, suggested that AGMA members develop a multifaceted plan to address gray market and counterfeit product issues.
In AGMA companies, up to five members are confirmed by majority vote to represent their fellow dancers.
In addition to the global case studies and international best practices, AGMA members explored the growing issue of service abuse.
The latest study from KPMG and AGMA defines the gray market as the unauthorized reselling of branded goods as the result of diversion from authorized channels into the hands of third parties, including the open market.
AGMA has mapped out several key initiatives for the coming year; chief among them is the goal of developing best practices to help address the counterfeiting of branded technology products by encouraging member companies to share awareness and insights.
Stu Clifton, New Momentum CEO, reported, "According the US Customs and AGMA (Association for the Abatement of Gray Market and Counterfeits) statistics, approximately 50 counterfeit chips enter the US every second.
The experience and proven strategies of AGMA members can help IT vendors to protect their customers from inferior goods, as well as preserve the integrity of their brands.
The KPMG study, conducted in partnership with AGMA, and supported by data developed by MarkMonitor, surveyed high-ranking executives at 189 leading IT Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), channel partners and brokers.
Everything [that management said] sent a clear message that they wanted no involvement with the union," said AGMA counsel Deborah Allton.
Transport for Greater Manchester led the procurement scheme on behalf of the AGMA a body made up of all ten councils across the region.
July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- At the July 16 AGMA (Association for Abatement of Counterfeit and Gray Market Activity) meeting, New Momentum, provider of enterprise risk management software, will do a presentation and demonstrate the company's Enterprise Brand Intelligence software which provides global, open market visibility for counterfeits and unauthorized sales.