AGMOAssistant General Manager for Operations
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[[epsilon].sub.3/2] = agmo (2,4) [approximately equal to] 0.70305193814261.
In the applications shown, the agmo operator was needed in order to uniquely compute these intermediate hyperoperations.
Algorithm Used to Compute the Function Agmo. Agmo algorithm is as follows: y = agmo(M, x) such that M = agm(x, y), x = argument, and M = arithmetic-geometric mean:
However, the government-instituted Autonomous Group Market Operator (AGMO) had stayed long enough that the spot market's full management privatization had been relegated to the background for some time.
Voting 15 to 0, the high court said Emmanuel Castro failed to prove that he has "a clear right to the office allegedly held unlawfully by another," referring to his replacement, Emerson Carlos, as MMDA assistant general manager for operations (Agmo).
Lourdes Sereno, the tribunal said De Castro did not possess the qualifications of a third-level career executive service officer (Ceso), required of an Agmo.
2, 2010, Tolentino designated Carlos as OIC of the Agmo office.
During the mating test the following parameters were measured as previously described by Agmo (1997) and Zanoli et al.
14 Howard Johnson Properties, LLC Agmo Manufacturing 4
The partner preference test, performed according to Vega Matuszczyk and Larsson (1991) and Agmo et al.
Agmo, A., Turi, A.L., Ellingsen, E., Kaspersen, H., 2004.