AGMVAgropyron Green Mosaic Virus (of the family Potyviridae)
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For correlation of aGMV and [LI.sub.GMV] with FMI, except for ages, the days after stroke were also included in the model as a covariate.
where [F.sub.ij] represents the FMI, [G.sub.ij] represents either aGMV or [LI.sub.GMV] of the ith subject from the jth scan, and other terms represent the same variables as in (4).
where [F.sub.i] represents the FMI of the ith patient at P1, [G.sub.i] represents either the aGMV or [LI.sub.GMV] at P1 for the ith patient, and [A.sub.i] is the age of the ith patient.
After that, dynamic changes of aGMV, [aGMV.sub.i], [aGMV.sub.c], and [LI.sub.GMV] after stroke were examined using the model in (4).
In addition, the relationship of aGMV, [aGMV.sub.i], [aGMV.sub.c], and [LI.sub.GMV] with activated brain regions volume was examined using the model in (6).
In addition, aGMV was negatively correlated with FMI during the stroke recovery, and [LI.sub.GMV] was positively correlated with FMI at initial stage after stroke.
Caption: Figure 3: Illustration of aGMV (a), aGMV; (b), [aGMV.sub.c] (c), and [LI.sub.GMV] (d) of healthy controls (HC) and patients at four time points (i.e., P1, P2, P3, and P4) after stroke.