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AGNActive Galactic Nucleus
AGNAgain (Amateur Radio)
AGNAcute Glomerulonephritis
AGNAccountants Global Network
AGNAir Gabon (ICAO code)
AGNAerojet General Nucleonics
AGNArmageddon Games Network
AGNArmageddon Games Network (game developer)
AGNAgence Geneviève Naturisme (French naturist real estate agency)
AGNAnwendungen der Informatik In Geistes- und Naturwissenschaften (Informatics, University Of Hamburg)
AGNAngry Gamer Network
AGNAustralian Gaming Network
AGNAutomatically Generated Number
AGNArts Graphiques Numériques (French: Digital Graphic Arts)
AGNAssis Global Networks (Japanese anime studio)
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By joining AGN, Dafferns is well placed to extend its full service offering for both their UK and internationally owned clients.
Researchers knew from earlier theoretical work that the AGN switched-off state can be compared with adolescence, lasting approximately 10,000 years.
These new observations may lead to a paradigm shift in the understanding of AGN.
The time varying luminosity of an AGN can be used to estimate the AGN's radius.
The close coincidence between the cosmic-ray directions and AGN locations suggests that most of the energetic cosmic rays are protons that have traveled through relatively weak intergalactic magnetic fields en route to Earth, says Mantsch.
AGN Networks OnDemandSIP delivers powerful productivity features not available from traditional service providers that give businesses more flexibility in how they manage their network.
See, for instance, the documents submitted by Mariano Espinosa in his 1795 petition, AGN, Criminal, vol.
Pro forma for the ending of the AGN agreement, approximately 16% of revenues and 15% of EBITDA are denominated in USD, which is lower than when the AGN agreement was in place.
Dafferns is the fourth member in the UK and the only firm outside of London to join AGN International, the fifth largest worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms.
It confirms some long-held ideas about AGN and gives us a sense of what we can expect when a new generation of space-based X-ray telescopes eventually becomes available," said Abderahmen Zoghbi, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP) and the study's lead author.
AGN Feedback in Galaxy Formation Workshop (2008: Vulcano, Italy).
Among the most active extragalactic phenomena, starburst and AGN have been studied independently for many years.