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Past remembrances, as well as present troubles, pleaded powerfully with Agnes for the courier's wife.
Childish as the idea was, Agnes tried the experiment.
Then," remarked Agnes, "it is the third since the Sunday of the
I imagine," said Agnes la Herme, "that it is a beast, an animal,--the fruit of--a Jew and a sow; something not Christian, in short, which ought to be thrown into the fire or into the water.
My wonder is, that you are not in earnest yourself, by this time, Agnes.
But there is no one that I know of, who deserves to love you, Agnes.
But Agnes, now suddenly lifting up her eyes to mine, and speaking in a different manner, said:
I think - shall I be quite plain, Agnes, liking him so much?
Do not be alarmed by what I say, Agnes, but in this state I saw him, only the other evening, lay down his head upon his desk, and shed tears like a child.
Wickfield glanced towards her, sitting at the tea table by Agnes, she seemed to me to avoid his look with such unwonted hesitation and timidity, that his attention became fixed upon her, as if something were suggested to his thoughts.
Agnes sang with great sweetness and expression, and so did Mrs.
Our children, Edward, Agnes, and little Mary, promise well; their education, for the time being, is chiefly committed to me; and they shall want no good thing that a mother's care can give.