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AGNIAction for good Governance and Networking in India (Mumbai, India)
AGNIAdvisory Group for Network Issues
AGNIArena for Global Namboothiries Interaction (ethnic networking)
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Agni Enterprise Search 2008 allows CAD and non-CAD users to efficiently and quickly index and retrieve a wide range of document formats, including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Office, eMail, Acrobat, image formats, SolidWorks, Lotus Notes, Visio, etc.
Her initial focus was on the guidance systems for the various Agni missiles.
On February 10, Agni programme director Dr Avinash Chander had told Headlines Today , " The Agni- 5 looks similar to the Agni- 3, except that it is longer as a result of an additional propulsion stage.
Agni Link is a companion application to SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD that provides real-time, bidirectional integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).
According to Cabinet Shrestha of Agni Incorporated Pvt Ltd.
ref=080128), the leader in ERP-CAD data integration, announces the immediate availability of Agni Link (http://www.
India, which shocked the world with nuclear tests last month, plans to test its Agni intermediate-range missile at least 24 more times to ensure it can reliably deliver nuclear warheads, a Hong Kong-based magazine reported Wednesday.
QUEBEC -- Elmo Solutions, the leader in CAD-ERP data integration, is pleased to announce that Agni Link (http://elmosolutions.
Brand, 1 Agni ICY GEL of M-s Agni pen and plastic Pvt ltd.
Defence Minister A K Antony congratulated the team on the successful launch of the Agni I.
QUEBEC -- Elmo Solutions, the leader in CAD-ERP data integration, announced Agni Link (http://elmosolutions.
Vijay Kumar Saraswat, SA to RM, Secretary Dept of Defence R&D and DG DRDO, Shri Avinash Chander, Programme Director AGNI, DS & CC R&D (MSS) reviewed the total launch activities and guided the team.