AGNICAgriculture Network Information Center
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AgNIC partners are the University of Maryland Libraries and the National Agricultural Library.
In developing UNL's plant science website, feedback and advice on website design was sought from other members of the AgNIC coalition and from plant scientists at UNL.
The purpose of this study was to identify ways that the design of the AgNIC Plant Science website could be improved by analyzing server logfiles to determine the types of users who accessed the site, the kinds of information they were seeking, and how they navigated within the site.
Logfiles for the UNL AgNIC Plant Science website were analyzed for two time periods: October 2, 1996-November 1, 1996 and December 11,1996-January 28, 1997 (Time 1) when the site first was published and July 30, 1997-October 2, 1997 (Time 2).
This increase is probably due to both an increase in the numbers of users on the Internet and to publicity for the website and the AgNIC project.
The AgNIC Plant Science website was originally designed to be used by researchers and other plant professionals.