AGNRAgriculture and Natural Resources (University of Maryland)
AGNRAnaerobic Gram-Negative Rods (oral biology)
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Nevertheless, little has been done for these systems on the spirit of spintronics devices, and some questions still needed to be addressed, for example: What would be the behavior of the transport properties of a AGNR connected with a magnetic atom adsorbed on insulator ABNNR Could this system be viewed as a spin-filter or used to build NDR devices All these questions have to be considered if we intend to use such systems as active elements in spintronics devices.
In this paper, we investigate a junction consisting of a single iron atom adsorbed on armchair hexagonal boron nitride nanoribbon (Fe@ABNNR) contacted with two semi-innite leads composed of nitrogen-doped AGNR (N-AGNR).
The ZGNRs always exhibit metallic for all widths, while AGNRs are semiconductors with different energy gaps depending upon the width of the nanoribbons [32].
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