AGNSArt Gallery of Nova Scotia (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
AGNSAT&T Global Network Services (AT&T)
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AGNSAutomated Ground Network System
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Thus, AGNs are also the very process where the SMBHs "grow" by mass accretion.
Each such area is known as an active galactic nucleus (called AGN).
Krolik says researchers doubted that AGNs created the bulk of the X-ray background, because they thought each of these powerhouse emitted too little radiation at energies of 10,000 to 20,000 eV and too much at higher energies.
Nova Scotian artist, Charlotte Wilson Hammond, who was about to have a major exhibition of her work at the AGNS, began the project by visiting each of the classes for a half-day workshop.
Many active galactic nuclei (AGN) spew gaseous outflows, but NGC 5548 is the first whose streamer has moved into our line of sight.
Jaffe and his team decided to include NGC 4261 in their Hubble survey of AGNs because of intriguing ground-based observations -- notably a pair of radio jets some 88,000 light-years long streaming out from the galaxy's core.
AGNs are supermassive black holes surrounded by disks of matter (September 2013 issue, page 25).
of AGNs is much more populated than was previously believed.
The team found only about 1,000 hot DOGs among the 2.5 million AGNs detected by WISE, which were announced with the hot DOGs in a NASA press conference on August 29th and reported in three papers in the Astrophysical Journal.
"When I first proposed that UHECRs are produced by nearby AGNs, people were rather skeptical," he told Sky & Telescope.