AGNSSAssisted Global Navigation Satellite System (also seen as A-GNSS)
AGNSSAdjutants General National Security Seminar (US Army War College)
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Everyone, including ministers, NICE, AGNSS, CPAG and clinicians in the field agrees that it is clinically effective.
7Layers expands its device testing capabilities and capacity to meet next-generation market needs and cover key new technologies such as LTE-Advanced, VoLTE, IMS, RCS, E911 over IMS, AGNSS, OTDOA and eCID.
With these capabilities, 7Layers can support emerging technologies including VoLTE (voice over LTE), IMS (IP multimedia subsystem), RCS (rich communications services), E911 over IMS, LTE AGNSS (assisted GNSS), OTDOA (observed time difference of arrival) and eCID.