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Milewicz A, Gejdel E, Sworen H, Sienkiewicz Jedrzejak J, Teucher Th, Schmitz H (1993) Vitex agnus castus-Extrakt zur Behandlung von Regeltempoanomalien infolge laten ter Hyperprolaktinamie--Ergebnisse einer randomisierten Plazebokontrollierten Doppelblindstudie.
German research found that agnus castus reduced prolactin levels, which helped correct hormonal imbalances and reduced mood swings, headaches and acne.
After this you may wish to re-start the Agnus Castus at a maintenance dose of 20 drops once daily long term.
At one point during the Benedictus Maxwell Davies even strays into Rutter territory, with an uncharacteristically sweet little solo; and in the Agnus Dei he pays generous melodic compliments to Faure.
Alternative treatments include the homoeopathic remedy Agnus Castus, taking gentle exercise and drinking plenty of fluids.
The dark, heavy timbre of mezzo Clare Bartram and the light, clear, almost child-like soprano of Pamela Davies were too much of a contrast for my taste, especially in the Agnus Dei, and an otherwise decent performance by Miss Davies ended, in the final Requiem , with a feline yowl the best part of a semitone sharp.
For flushes, I recommend sage tincture, while passion flower tablets are an excellent treatment for mood swings and agnus castus works well for hormonal balance.
Dr Agnus Nairn said: "It's as though disavowing Barbie is a rite of passage.
AFOR at least 3 months take the herbal remedy Agnus Castus, available in health shops, at a dose of 15 drops twice daily in a little water before meals.
Vitex agnus castus is a herb with a long reputation for helping to rebalance the hormonal cycle.
In addition I would strongly recommend that you commence at least a three-month course of both Agnus Castus 20 drops twice daily along with three capsules last thing at night of Evening Primrose Oil of the 500 mg dosage.