AGOAAfrican Growth and Opportunity Act
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The AGOA, which was established in 2000, is a unilateral scheme of preferences that initiates in constituting trade ties between the US and sub-Saharan Africa region.
Clinton did not even wait for AGOA to be passed before appointing Whitaker assistant trade representa- tive for Africa.
The AGOA has underpinned other "Made in Africa" success stories, too.
The act will introduce new pathways for dealing with countries which the US deems to be in contravention of the human rights, labour freedom and political plurality provisions of AGOA.
One of the objectives of the AGOA is to support sub-Saharan African economic development through trade and investment.
For 14 years Nigeria has been on it but what has been the take home from AGOA; who has AGOA made millionaire in Nigeria?
We strongly believe that by endorsing the extension of AGOA, the U.
Africa Business Forum, the AGOA Forum, and many unofficial business events involving African leaders, some have questioned whether the forum will adequately facilitate business-focused deal-making with African leaders, particularly when compared to the deal-making pattern that accompanies Chinese-African summits.
The theme of this year's AGOA Forum is 'Sustainable Transformation through Trade and Technology.
AGOA, while only a limited success story since its introduction a decade ago, has helped many African companies export goods like car parts and agricultural produce to the US duty free.
Trade Representative website, AGOA was established in 2000 to provide eligible sub-Saharan African countries to export a wide variety of products to U.