AGOAAfrican Growth and Opportunity Act
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issued the warning last week after a drawn-out dispute over American chicken and meat exports, citing that South Africa is not making continual progress toward the removal of barriers to US trade and investment as required by the AGOA.
Making the most of AGOA will also require improvement in the infrastructure -- physical and institutional -- necessary for promoting investment and facilitating trade.
The act will introduce new pathways for dealing with countries which the US deems to be in contravention of the human rights, labour freedom and political plurality provisions of AGOA.
Now that it's been renewed, AGOA will be central to our efforts to boost the trade and investment that supports hundreds of thousands of jobs both in Africa and the United States, creating opportunities for all of us," he said.
Q: Has AGOA accomplished its key fundamentals and what is your take on the extension of the Act?
th] AGOA Forum, the first time this Forum has ever been held in Central Africa.
We strongly believe that by endorsing the extension of AGOA, the U.
The theme of this year's AGOA Forum is 'Sustainable Transformation through Trade and Technology.
Some 300,000 jobs in Africa have been created because of AGOA, according to the Brookings Institution, but, in the last few months, countless Africans have been laid off because of the delay in renewal.
The beneficial role of AGOA on US-African trade has been widely recognized, although the extent of its positive effects is debated (Brenton and Hoppe 2006; Brenton and Ikezuki 2004; Nouve, 2005; Rolfe and Woodward 2005).
Enacted in 2000, the AGOA aims to give eligible sub-Saharan African countries some of the most liberal U.