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AGONAncient Games of Nations (gaming)
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Despite weakness in the American market, Agon remains encouraged against an environment characterized as "volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous." However, the beauty market as a whole is "going ahead full steam" and L'Oreal will continue focusing on growth in new categories like e-commerce, travel and retail.
Agon went on to share some of the wisdom he's acquired over 39 years working at L'Oreal.
Mr Agon said she "always looked" after the company and its employees and "she has personally contributed greatly to its success for many years".
Agon noted that 2014 was also a year of transformation for L'Oreal, in particular through the acceleration of its digital transformation and strategic acquisitions such as Magic, NYX, Decleor, Carita and Niely, which complement its brand portfolio in key categories and regions of the world.
Though she claims at the outset that she is "quite mindful of the problematic temptation to try to tame or soften Nietzsche's ideas about power," her argument about the value-generating and community-building aspects of the agon tends to do just that.
--In the September 1958 issue of Dance Magazine, Christina Brundage reflects on George Balanchine's revolutionary new work, Agon (1957), which would indeed ignite the neo-classical ballet movement.
in the aloe, the spider is all ullage, longing for agon, Her back's
agon: a geometric figure with less than or greater than nine sides
To honor this historic collaboration, New York City Ballet opened its fall season with two weeks of Stravinsky-Balanchine repertory, starting with the so-called "Greek trilogy": Apollo (1928), Orpheus (1948), and Agon (1957).
The Access to Finance programme is supporting the Agon Project--agon is the word for pineapple in Fon, a Beninese language an initiative that runs from 2010 to 2012 and is funded by the Government of Finland.
"These actions are not worth commenting," stated PDSH spokesperson Agon Ferati.