AGOPAssociazione Genitori Oncologia Pediatrica (Italian: Parents Association of Pediatric Oncology)
AGOPAngling Guide Operating Plan (Canada)
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We also refer to [14-16] for probabalistic aspects of quantum mechanics and entropy and recommend a number of papers of Agop et al (cf.
Agop Citak ile yapilan gorusmeyle onlarin hastasinda gelisen reaksiyonun anafilaksi degil, agir hemolitik anemi oldugu ve bizim olgumuz gibi ilk enjeksiyondan degil 10.
The family of Hrant Dink, the editor-in-chief of Agop weekly newspaper who was murdered, won the case they opened at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
Agop owned and operated the former Lynn Shoe Repair on Main Street in Worcester for 20 years, before retiring.
Life in Cairo with all its versatility and uniqueness is expressed by 29 Egyptian artists, including Ahmed Askalany, Ahmed El Shaer, Ahmed Nawar, Armen Agop, Atef Ahmed Ibrahim, Attiat Sayed, Ehab Ellaban, Eslam Zein, Essam Marouf, Fathi Afifi, George Azmy, Hanafy Mahmoud, Hanan El-Sheikh, Haytham Nawar, Hazem El Mestikawy, Hend Adnan, Howaida El Sebaee, Ibrahim El Dessouki, Khaled Sorour, Maha Maamoun, Marwa Adel, Mohamed Abla, Mohamed Al Fayoumi, Mohamed Zayan, Mohsen Shaalan, Nagla Samir, Randa Shaath, Sobhi Guergues and Wael Darwesh.
This is exactly how I felt upon entering the Zamalek Art Gallery as I laid my eyes on the sculptures of Armen Agop.
PHOTO Agop Agopyan directs the choir during Monday's church service at St.
The study is being conducted with the Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology under the direction of principal investigator, Agop Y.
On the other hand, Salam met respectively with Water and Energy Minister, Arthur Nazarian, and the Secretary General of the Tashnaq Party, Agop Khatcharian, with talks reportedly dwelling on the general situation.
Demet Demirkol, Metin Karabocuoglu, Fatih Mehmet Kelesoglu *, Nurhan Ozata **, Agop Crtak **
NNA - Members of the Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc, MP Nabil Ncoula and Agop Paqradonian, inaugurated Sunday the new Baslim-Mezher-Majzoub Highway in the region of Metn.