AGPAAmerican Group Psychotherapy Association
AGPAAssociate Governmental Program Analyst (job title)
AGPAAmerican Group Practice Association
AGPAAmerican Golf Players Association
AGPAAnnual Grade Point Average
AGPAAmmunition Group, Picatinny Arsenal (Dover, NJ)
AGPAArkansas Goat Producers Association
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The Supreme National Anti-Corruption Committee decided last week on the importance of fencing the airport campus, in addition to providing full security protection to enable the AGPA to do so.
The AGPA, created by an overwhelming North Slope, Fairbanks and Valdez voter approval in 1999 to "build or cause to be built" a natural gas pipeline through Alaska, holds the exclusive rights to the senior right-of-way and permits necessary to construct a trans-Alaska natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez and associated LNG facilities.
Recent studies, however, have shown that many H pylori infected patients have AGPA and that pernicious anemia earlier considered not to be associated with H pylori infection is presently believed to be H pylori infection associated.
Returning to the theme of isolation, I hope that this column inspires readers to consider attending an AGPA conference or an event of one of its local affiliates, and perhaps even joining AGPA.
Among the meetings functions AGPA outsources are data entry and registration, on-site logistics, and continuing education accreditation.
The American Group Psychotherapy Association is the oldest and largest professional association dedicated to the field of group psychotherapy, operating through a tri-partite structure: AGPA, a professional and educational organization; the Group Psychotherapy Foundation, its philanthropic arm; and the National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists, a standard setting and certifying body.
But there are other entities that could build the pipeline, including TransCanada and AGPA.
Such an agreement would constitute a significant way to meet long-term domestic demand on the West Coast with secure, stable domestic reserves, and would also serve the best interests of the residents of both California and Alaska by reducing our reliance on foreign sources of energy," stated Bert Cottle, chairman of the AGPA.
Walker says Wood Mackenzie looked at the AGPA proposal and showed that its costs out of Valdez could get gas to Japan for about $8.
On May 18, Joe Marushack, vice president for North Slope development for ConocoPhillips, stood before a giant blowup of an AGPA ad and before a packed crowd at an oil industry luncheon called into question nearly every point being made in the ad, many of which were characterized as outright lies.
Perkins III, Crystal Energy, LLC president said, "Though the AGPA project is still in the development phase, we are confident their project will go forward and are working toward a definitive agreement with them.
Board members plan to pressure the governor because the Port Authority does not have the financial resources to wage a media war, says AGPA Vice Chair Charlie Cole, who, as a former Alaska attorney general, is no stranger to media warfare.