AGPAAmerican Group Psychotherapy Association
AGPAAssociate Governmental Program Analyst (job title)
AGPAAmerican Group Practice Association
AGPAAmerican Golf Players Association
AGPAAnnual Grade Point Average
AGPAAmmunition Group, Picatinny Arsenal (Dover, NJ)
AGPAArkansas Goat Producers Association
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The Vice President delivered her keynote message on the theme, "Governing in a world full of disruptions," during the opening session of the AGPA conference held in the University of the Philippines in Diliman.
"The local council is the one that handed over these lands to officials and influential persons." The Supreme National Anti-Corruption Committee decided last week on the importance of fencing the airport campus, in addition to providing full security protection to enable the AGPA to do so.
It ensures in-state distribution of Alaska's gas in the quickest possible time frame and does so in a manner that brings maximum benefit to Alaskans," said AGPA Chairman Jim Whitaker.
AGPA are detected either by immunofluorescence on mouse-stomach sections or by ELISA.
Returning to the theme of isolation, I hope that this column inspires readers to consider attending an AGPA conference or an event of one of its local affiliates, and perhaps even joining AGPA.
Ohio: "Describe how scientists continue to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory." See Ohio Standards, Life Science Standards, Benchmark H; available online: (last visited 30 August 2004).
Strategic planning efforts in the late 1990s led AGPA to adopt an outsourced management model that Focused remaining staff on senior-level tasks while turning over the logistical legwork that was eating away at the association's energy and time, says Marsha S.
[2.] "Quality, Change Management, and Managed Care." AGPA Proceedings, 1/1 8-2/l/95.
Since it was formed in 1961, the American Public Gas Association (AGPA) has played an instrumental role in the operations of more than 700 member companies in 36 states.
It is obvious that other proposals should be considered, such as TransCanada, AGPA, MidAmerican, and maybe others that we were not privy to.
My name is Matthew Tomatz and we spoke briefly at the recent AGPA (American Group Psychotherapy Association) conference.
This article is the first to present results from one such effort, organized under the auspices of the American Medical Group Association (AMGA, formerly AGPA) (Sanderson-Austin, Swyers, and Johnson 1993).