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AGPDAlpha Glycerol Phosphate Dehydrogenase
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It was possible to determine the range of size distribution of NPs in addition to possible distortions and imperfections in the MNPs of Au, Ag, Cu, and the alloy AgPd. Sample preparation included a procedure that separated and dissolved the polymer nanoparticles using only HA and water as solvent.
HA was analyzed in the middle or intermediate IR range (up to 4000 [cm.sup.-1]) to corroborate the presence of polymer in each of solid samples containing NPs of Au, Ag, Cu, and AgPd. From these spectra, one can check for the presence of the main organic groups present in the molecule.
used a stepwise ion-exchange reduction approach to produce AgPd nanoparticles [141].
For conductor resistivity, both Au and AgPd inks were used to implement the probe lines, and for each of these cases, several binding agents were evaluated.
However, when AgPd is used for the ground and Au for the strip conductor, the measured Q was reduced from 420 to 80.