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AGPLActual Ground Position Line (India and Pakistan)
AGPLAutomotive Gas Power Ltd. (UK)
AGPLAffero General Public License
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As a result of the termination of the AGPL agreements, the Company will directly receive 100% of any and all anticipated revenues that may be generated in the ASEAN region (including Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar) following the successful completion of the pilot plant and full commercial implementation of the Company's technology.
India wants Pakistan to authenticate the AGPL, both on the maps and the ground, as it occupies most of the dominating posts on the Saltoro Ridge, they said.
The investment has been made pursuant to the terms of the agreement with AGPL to develop deploy and market CCTI's Pristine-M[TM] technology throughout the ASEAN region (including Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar) through a joint venture company ("JV") as previously announced.
The code, which is available for use and modification under the AGPL 3.
The AGPL is not clearly marked beyond the grid reference point of NJ-9842 The Karachi agreement of 1949 described the Cease Fire Line as being up to point NJ 9842 and northwards towards glaciers.
It is anticipated that the joint venture company (the "JV") will be owned 55% by AGPL and 45% by CCTI.
30% of the top 10 new projects in 2010 used the AGPL license, indicative of an increasing number of new cloud/SaaS related projects
WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is available under the GNU AGPL version 3 open source license, as well as a WaveMaker commercial license.
GA has made its investment as part of a $425 million investment by a consortium of investors, with the goal of creating AGPL as one of the leading power generation platforms in India.
Use of GPL licenses is increasingly split--While the overall number of projects that select AGPL is still relatively small, its use is clearly on the upswing, with adoption accelerating from a few per month at end of 2007 to almost 20 per month in recent months.
Version 3 of the AGPL ultimately protects the primary reason for open source's success -- ensuring people can contribute code and their ideas back to the community.
OpenVista Releases Coincide with Beta Implementation and Adoption of AGPL Open Source License