AGPRAccountant General Pakistan Revenue (Pakistan Ministry of Finance)
AGPRAcetylglutamyl-Phosphate Reductase
AGPRDepartment of Agriculture Procurement Regulation
AGPRAuxiliary Gauge Pressure Reading
AGPRAdvanced Ground Penetrating Radar
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The salaries of these posts were being drawn from government exchequer through AGPR.
According to the data, 36 percent of pensioners have been converted to DCS system from AGPR sub-office Karachi, as out of 32022 pensioners, 11412 have been converted to new system.
Ahmed was working at a junior post in PPO, and the AGPR also expressed its concern over the appointment.
AGPR report on account of MP&NR for FY 2008-09 revealed that total audit observations of Rs 21.
The minister said biometric system had not been installed in the office of AGPR as yet.
Those figures are authenticated and reconciled not only with State Bank of Pakistan but also with AGPR.
On the matter of PTCL employees and pensioners, it was briefed that the notification of increment in pensions and pays is applied directly to the government departments through AGPR while in case of autonomous or private bodies such as PTCL, their Board of Trustees (BOT) look into the matter and adapt the increase as per their own financial position.
The Committee also asked FATA Secretariat to come up with a work plan whereby a mechanism can be adopted in three months for abolishing the permit rahdari system, allocating proper budget to agencies and having the expenditures audited by AGPR.
Press Information Department (PID) informed the committee that one honorarium was released and approval was required from the AGPR to release further.
It said that all the funds allocated to ECP by the government for every fiscal year are duly audited by the AGPR, Islamabad and Auditor General of Pakistan.
He also mentioned in his briefing some areas of concern for AGPR including salaries being disbursed manually, non-deduction of taxes, irregular payments of escalations and contract agreements without competitive bidding.
get their pensions through AGPR while Postal Services has to do this from its own budget which makes it impossible to spend money on other