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AGPSAssisted Global Positioning System
AGPSAssisted Gps
AGPSAdvanced Global Positioning System
AGPSAdvanced Government Purchasing System
AGPSAdvanced Geo Positioning Solutions, Inc
AGPSAmeron Global Product Support
AGPSAttitude Global Positioning System
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The intention is to structure the Transaction in a way that all the current assets, rights and obligations of AGPS related to the Petroleum Services Business are transferred to Newco.
0, AGPS has prepared the attached notice including a preliminary opening balance sheet for Newco and a valuation summary.
The Pelephone handsets with the integrated Pelephone Navigator service include AGPS phones that run on the BREW platform as well as phones that work on Windows Mobile.
We and Telmap share the same vision for mobile navigation as a mass market application, and our commitment to making it happen is a key reason we chose exclusively AGPS devices for our 3G network.
Global Locate is uniquely positioned to offer an end-to-end AGPS solution, which encompasses both a compelling semiconductor offering and commercially proven, AGPS Network infrastructure capable of delivering assistance data to devices worldwide," said Richard Najarian, VP of Business Development for Global Locate.
Details of the mobile phones for which CellGuide's AGPS is suitable will be announced shortly.
Baruch Shayevits, CellGuide's R & D manager, stated, "During the AGPS design phase, we produced versions using both the Sarantel PowerHelix and a patch antenna.