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AGPTAustralian General Practice Training
AGPTAgar Gel Precipitation Test
AGPTApplication of Geospatial and Precision Technologies
AGPTAusbildungsgerät Gefechtssimulator für die Panzertruppe (German Army)
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AGPT, PCR and virus neutralization test were done for confirmation of propagated AAV-4.
AGPT of cell culture propagated AAV-4 showed band with known hyperimmune serum.
Sera from these indigenous chickens were confirmed to be free from IBDV antibodies and Newcastle disease virus antibodies through AGPT [12] and haemagglutination inhibition test [22], respectively.
In the current study, the AGPT and HI were used to determine the sero-prevalence of AI, as recommended by FAO.
Order Optional Service periodically LEOPARD 2A4 tank simulator AGPT in quantities of 1 set.
6 - Overview and using periodic Leopard 2A4 tank simulator AGPT and possible assessment of the technical condition in the event of failure of the device in quantities of 1 pcs.
7 million on the AGPT program over the three years from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015.