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AGPTAustralian General Practice Training
AGPTAgar Gel Precipitation Test
AGPTApplication of Geospatial and Precision Technologies
AGPTAusbildungsgerät Gefechtssimulator für die Panzertruppe (German Army)
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Agar-gel precipitation test (AGPT) was also performed using 1% Noble agar with serum from naturally infected birds, mainly the liver extract following the standard protocol as described previously (Crowle, 1973).
Based on Nicholls' (1989) AGPT framework and Tangney and Dearing's (2002) conceptual framework of understanding shame and its difference from guilt, over 20 items were created by the authors in an effort to distinguish between the two hypothetical forms of shame.
Sera from these indigenous chickens were confirmed to be free from IBDV antibodies and Newcastle disease virus antibodies through AGPT [12] and haemagglutination inhibition test [22], respectively.
By AGPT, out of 35 field samples, 25 (71.4%) samples were positive and prominent white line of precipitation was noticed between known positive anti-IBDV hyper-immune serum of the central well and bursal homogenates of the peripheral wells due to antigen and antibody reaction within 24 and 48 h.
Recently, we have successfully prepared MNP-CNT flexible TCFs composed of Au and AgPt NPs supported on MWCNTs from a homogeneous MNP-MWCNT composite solution using our design of an ultrasonic atomization-spin coating tool (Figure 8(a)) [39].
Serum samples were subjected to Hemagglutination Inhibition (HI) Test and Agar Gel Precipitation Test (AGPT) for sero-prevelance of AI.
Delcourt, "Bimetallic AgPt and Au-Pt aggregates synthesized by radiolysis," Radiation Physics and Chemistry, vol.
Harvested fluids were tested for qualitative and quantitative estimation of the virus on the basis of reverse passive haemagglutination test (RPHA) (Manzoor and Hussain, 2003) and Agar gel precipitation test (AGPT) (Beard, 1970).