AGPUAviation Ground Power Unit
AGPUAssociation of Gas Producers of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)
AGPUAircraft Ground Power Unit
AGPUAuxiliary Ground Power Unit
AGPUAirsoft Ground Pounders Union
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What moves when AGPU hydraulic pressure is applied to aircraft are the Flight controls and the AH-6M pylons.
In fact, the artwork shows the AGPU hooked to the aircraft for applying external hydraulics.
To briefly restate what the article should have said concerning the AGPU and aircraft: Electrical power from the AGPU can move systems like the stabilator and other electrically-driven systems.
Mechanics, when an aviation ground power unit (AGPLI) is connected to an aircraft and powered up (with the outpower switch in the ON position), did you know the AGPU's electrical and hydraulic power can cause aircraft components or systems to activate inadvertently?
That happens because hydraulic power from the AGPU energizes the hydraulic systems.
The AGPU provides electrical and hydraulic power for testing and other maintenance tasks.
There seem to be all kinds of causes, but the best solution to this problem is simple--Never back the AGPU with any vehicle!
The AGPU is self-propelled, but it's quicker to pull it with a tug to those distant aircraft on the flight line.
As a reminder, stencil a CAUTION-DO NOT BACK WITH VEHICLE on the front, upper-left side of the AGPU on the opposite side from the fire extinguisher.
So when you take your AGPU for a ride to the flight line, keep your eyes on the turn.
Another tip to keep your AGPU going and going is to always disconnect the battery cable when the AGPU is not in use to avoid power drain.