AGQAssociation des Graphologues du Québec (French: Graphologists Association of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
AGQAdvisory Group on Quarantine (United Kingdom)
AGQAnswers to Gospel Questions (Mormon book)
AGQAdos Gay Québec (French: Quebec Gay Teens; lifestyle forum; Quebec, Canada)
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The motivational profiles were defined from the different combinations of the three types of goals assessed by the AGQ scale.
Therefore, we encourage investigators in the field of LD to replicate this study with different scales from the one used here to contrast whether our results are mediated by the nature of the items of the AGQ or whether, as we expect, they may be generalized.
The authors conducted an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) on their original version of the AGQ and reported four distinct factors corresponding to the four achievement goals.
On 29 October 2014, the Company issued to Quintana AGQ Holding Co.
AGQ will open with strike prices of 40, 45 and 50 and position limits of 5,500 contracts.
Some have warned that the introduction o"Tech Levels and the AQE could potentially create a "two-tier" system where th"Tech Levels become too specialist and the AGQs, too broad.
In the case of a university recreational athlete sample from the US, the AGQS was found to have acceptable internal reliability and latent mean stability (Conroy et al.