AGQTPAustralian Government Quality Teacher Program
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Table 1 AGQTP Funding for Non-Government Schools 2011 to 2013 Sector 2011 2012 2013 Total Catholic 4,151,317 4,429,119 4,788,157 13,368,59 3 Independent 2,849,683 3,040,381 3,286,843 9,176,907 Total 7,001,000 7,469,500 8,075,000 22,545,50 0 Table 2 Demographic information detailing respondent numbers by gender, years of teaching and current teaching status.
This matches the comments from both the AGQTP evaluations and the Taskgroup generated evaluations that identify the growth of a network amongst the faculty heads and teachers of like courses.
The effectiveness of this strategy is observable in considering the participants ratings of the activities on the AGQTP evaluation.
These AGQTP principles, which include eight of the nine research based principles for effective professional development provided by Hawley & and Valli (1999), framed the professional learning strategies that enhanced teachers' skills in: using an inquiry approach integral to teaching and learning; building their capacity to take on new pedagogical challenges as part of school reform; and extending capacity for leadership in innovation and inquiry.