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AGREEAppraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation
AGREEAdvisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment
AGREEAssociation of Georgia Real Estate Exchangers
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"We concur fully," reply others, "in the objection to this part of the plan, but we can never agree that a reference of impeachments to the judiciary authority would be an amendment of the error.
We agree to keep our own secret, and to work together in furtherance of our own schemes.'
At length some of his favourites whom he most confided in, knowing his cruelty and our inability to pay what he demanded, and apprehending that, if he should put us to the death he threatened, they should soon see the fleets of Portugal in the Red Sea, laying their towns in ashes to revenge it, endeavoured to soften his passion and preserve our lives, offering to advance the sum we should agree for, without any other security than our words.
I wish, he said, that you would hear me as well as him, and then I shall see whether you and I agree. For Thrasymachus seems to me, like a snake, to have been charmed by your voice sooner than he ought to have been; but to my mind the nature of justice and injustice have not yet been made clear.
Meanwhile, 57 per cent of UAE respondents strongly agree or agree with the prediction that self-driving car shares are more common than individually-owned automobiles.
* 37 percent of Saudi Arabian respondents, higher than the global average of 28 percent, strongly agree or agree with the prediction that 'OPEC has been disbanded'.
Strongly agree: 16.3 per cent Tend to agree: 13.4 per cent Neither agree nor disagree: 27.3 per cent Tend to disagree: 10.1 per cent Strongly disagree: 32.9 per cent Second question - General election To what extent do you agree with this statement: "As Theresa May's Brexit deal was rejected by Parliament, a general election should be called."
Net agreement was an extremely strong +50 (68 percent agree, 18 percent disagree) in overall urban areas, compared to the very strong +38 (59 percent agree, 21 percent disagree) in overall rural areas.
The net agreement score was 'moderately weak' among most areas: Mindanao with -28 (22 percent agree, 50 percent disagree), followed by Metro Manila at -26 (30 percent agree, 56 percent disagree), and Balance Luzon at -25 (28 percent agree, 53 percent disagree); while it posted 'neutral' in Visayas at -8 (35 percent agree, 43 percent disagree).
Strongly disagree 10% Graphics: Somewhat disagree 8% Strongly agree 22% Somewhat agree 44% Neither agree nor disagree 16% Do you think the next government should increase or decrease overseas aid?
For each research question, analysis relating to all the five (Strongly Agree, Agree, Somewhat Agree, Don't Agree, and Don't Know) options has been presented first.
12 June 2012 - Bank of America NA and Raymond James Bank will serve as lenders of an amended and restated USD22.9m (EUR18.3m) term loan for Agree Realty Corporation (NYSE:ADC), the US real estate developer said on Monday.