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AGREEAppraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation
AGREEAdvisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment
AGREEAssociation of Georgia Real Estate Exchangers
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We concur fully," reply others, "in the objection to this part of the plan, but we can never agree that a reference of impeachments to the judiciary authority would be an amendment of the error.
We agree to keep our own secret, and to work together in furtherance of our own schemes.
At length some of his favourites whom he most confided in, knowing his cruelty and our inability to pay what he demanded, and apprehending that, if he should put us to the death he threatened, they should soon see the fleets of Portugal in the Red Sea, laying their towns in ashes to revenge it, endeavoured to soften his passion and preserve our lives, offering to advance the sum we should agree for, without any other security than our words.
I wish, he said, that you would hear me as well as him, and then I shall see whether you and I agree.
Among women who have never married, it was a moderately strong +24 (55 percent agree, 31 percent disagree).
69% (N=82) housewives said that they Strongly Agree to speak English with their children at home, whereas 24.
Statement: The teachers, and especially the class--master are always ready to listen to my problems which are not directly connected with school 35,7% of the testees agree with the statement (only 8,2% are very agreeable with the statement), while 64,3%consider that the teachers are not always ready to listen to their problems which are not directly in connection with school (even 36,2% don't generally agree with the statement, fig.
6 : to be fitting or healthful <The climate agrees with you.
A similar number agree that they "feel good when a cheaper version of something I use becomes available.
Generalizable conclusions are limited by the sample and scope of our study, but our results do have the strength of a randomized trial, and they tend to agree with the results of other studies.
The firm's willingness to agree to these provisions--like any company that enters into a DPA--underscores that the collateral pain inflicted on any corporation involved in a criminal case can far exceed the contours of whatever sentence a court might impose after a felony conviction.
They agree on using public money to pay for abortions and abortion clinics; they agree on providing benefits to homosexual couples; they agree on re-defining marriage to include any two people of any sex; they agree on what type of sex education to enforce in schools and promote contraception; they agree on the over-the counter sale of the "morning after" pill; and they are probably going to agree on the thrust of the left-lib, homosexual agenda for "advancing" these issues even further.