AGREEMAction pour une Gestion Rationnelle de l'Environnement en Mauritanie (French: Action for the Sound Management of the Environment in Mauritania)
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Some agreem ents in the metal and electrical industry foresee working time reductions to 30 hours for the purpose of avoiding lay-offs.
Gas Price Agreem ent (GPA) has to be radically changed to make the company a valuable enterprise for the investors.
The responsibilities of the student intern and the formal clinical agreem ent between the University and the labs are published in the Student Clinical Handbook.
Even if Rover and its owner BMW are not using the pound as an excuse for their own management failings - which is effectively Chancellor Gordon Brown's accusation - it is difficult to believe the company is justified in unilaterally tearing up its agreem ent with the unions.
States are not required to disclose any information under the agreem voluntary, and a state may decline a request for information if, in its opinion, disclosure would co
If we'v action agreem The are no curbs i the wo climate plans by countries t enough, as the emissions in the commitments still put rld on track for a 3degC rise in global temperatures by 2100.
scale of only th words o And we year aft "Turn agreem decisiv so that countri witho"well -be and fut Lead tives A Paris d and re countri ning the climate change ment into reality will require ve action at home and abroad, t developed and developing ies can create prosperity ut damaging the health and eing of the planet, and of this ture generations." der of the Welsh Conserva-Andrew RT Davies said: "The deal is a huge step forward epresents the first time all ies have come together to commit to cutting emissions.