AGRFAustralian Genome Research Facility
AGRFAdvanced Guidance Research Facility
AGRFArtificial Gravity Research Facility
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Forums like the AGRF work well in bringing together various stakeholders in Africa's agribusiness landscape, and some important deals were made.
To this end, since 2010 when the first AGRF was held in Accra, Ghana, the bank has participated in all of the meetings: Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya and Cote d'Ivoire.
Following recent discussions at WEF Africa, the G8 and David Cameron's Hunger Summit, the AGRF will continue to look for ways to unite the power of the public- and private-sectors in the global food security efforts.
It is followed by an AGRF session celebrating the achievements of Dr Norman Borlaug and looking at the progress of the Green Revolution for Africa.
Chitsunges sentiments echo Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleafs statement at the AGRF Summit when she praised the AfDB for assisting her country to set up an electronic farmers registration system, where 320 farmers were registered to receive regular farm inputs to bolster productivity.
At AGRF 2016, many of Africa's steadfast champions of agriculture pledged more than US $30 billion in investments to increase production, income and employment for smallholder farmers and local African agriculture businesses over the next 10 years.
The AGRF promotes investments and policy initiatives that will drive income growth for African farmers in an environmentally sustainable way.
We see the CombiMatrix platform as a robust, flexible, and cost-effective complement to our existing portfolio of microarray services," said Kirby Siemering, Business Development Manager for AGRF.
To succeed entirely in building the new cassava value chain, participants at the AGRF recommended that investments worth US $600 million are required to be undertaken by State Governments in places such as Nigeria, to provide the requisite environment for the entire cassava value chain to thrive.
The AGRF was, thus, an important platform of multi-sectoral groups of stakeholders (over 40 organizations) including a number of African private sector players.
The AGRF Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr Namanga Ngongi for his contribution to the transformation of Africa's agricultural sector.