AGRFAustralian Genome Research Facility
AGRFAdvanced Guidance Research Facility
AGRFArtificial Gravity Research Facility
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IDRC boosted its profile and the opportunity to shine a light on Canada's contributions to food security in Africa at a high-level policy dialogue it organized at the 2014 AGRF.
Following recent discussions at WEF Africa, the G8 and David Cameron's Hunger Summit, the AGRF will continue to look for ways to unite the power of the public- and private-sectors in the global food security efforts.
It is followed by an AGRF session celebrating the achievements of Dr Norman Borlaug and looking at the progress of the Green Revolution for Africa.
Mr Annan is the chair of AGRF and the chairman of the board of AGRA, one of AGRF's strategic partners.
Moving AGRF to Africa, is a clear statement on the need for rooting the Green Revolution on the ground, and will be a key driving force, in eliciting stakeholders' commitments to transformation.
The Ministers, private sector partners and donor representatives at the AGRF will launch national breadbasket projects for Ghana and Mali.
The AGRF will also review progress of the Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor in Mozambique, and the second corridor project in Tanzania.
Researchers throughout Australia and New Zealand can now send their biological samples to AGRF, a certified CombiCore, for array and data processing.
AGRF Ltd was established in 1997 with the mission of providing high quality genomic services to the academic and industry research sectors.
It is now time to work, as we shall be expected to report on achievements at the next AGRF an if you did not attend this 2012 one, be on the look-out for the announcement of the 2013 one.
AGRF 2012 is the next milestone in an important global conversation focused on food security - WEF Africa, the G8 Summit, the UK Hunger Summit and now AGRF 2012.
AGRF will remain focused on unlocking Africa's agricultural potential by empowering smallholder farmers.