AGRFUArabian Gulf Rugby Football Union (Dubai, UAE)
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With national teams competing at the Olympics needing players who were citizens of the country they were representing, it was decided individual national teams were the best way to grow the game regionally over the expatriate-driven AGRFU.
Morton said that there was some real talent among these young teams and speculated that in the not too distant future they would be representing the AGRFU be out there representing the region at the next Rugby World Cup Sevens.
The restructuring process will see the creation of a number of new independent Rugby Unions in the former AGRFU member states by the end of 2010.
We are delighted to be hosting the AGRFU courses next month," he said.
The AGRFU has adapted a new format to the cup competition this year, which sees the eight top-tier teams split into two groups of four.
The AGRFU team, coached by Mike Lunjevich and captained by Stephen Cooper, consists of players from the Dubai Hurricanes, the Dubai Exiles, the Abu Dhabi Harlequins, and the Muscat Rugby Football Club.
This, combined with their physicality, has resulted in them reigning supreme in AGRFU action for several years, and they are expected to put up a strong challenge for the Bahraini side.
Things did not start well for the Gulf side with them losing Doha Oryx back Ann Firth, who sustained a leg injury in training two days prior to the AGRFU team's first match.
I didn't make it to an AGRFU side, but I've made it for the UAE so I'm happy it's become a reality.
It was the first loss for Bahrain this AGRFU season, after opening with an 18-12 win over the Dubai Dragons at home in the Cup competition.
Last year's AGRFU Cup saw Bahrain's first team play its best rugby of the season, reaching the semi-finals of the main competition for the first time in five years.
The jewel in the crown of the AGRFU, the cup final, will feature the Dubai Hurricanes taking on a rejuvenated Abu Dhabi RFC.